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Tubes issues & Fertility treatment Dr Nenad Pavic

  1. Dear All, in bad need of some advise here.
    I am 35 and have been trying for long now to get pregnant unsuccessfully, but last week I got some clarification. The HSG showed hydrosalpinx in both tubes which are obviously not patent (distal occlusion in both Fallopian tubes). Therefore, no chance to get pregnant naturally.
    I have been offered two options after the HSG results (without any other investigations at this point):
    1. laparoscopy to try to reconstruct the tubes & wait to see if getting pregnant naturally. 
    2. tubal ligation (clipping) & IVF
    I have been told that with hydrosalpinx both tubes, to directly try  IVF would be in vain (the liquid in the tromps is toxic for embrions). Thus advised to clip the tubes first.

    Now, I have a bit of an issue to let hold of my tromps (tubes clipping is rather permanent) and chances to conceive naturally. On the other hand, I am 35 and not sure if reconstructing tromps (hydrosalpinx may return) would help (clock is ticking) or better to directly clip tromps and go for IVF.

    1. Did anybody go through similar situation? What would be your advise?
    2. Was anybody treated or undertook IVF with Dr Nenad Pavic in Basel? How was the experience? (i cannot find anything on him or his clinic  - Fertilitas.ch) on forums...
    3. What fertility clinic/ doctor would you recommend in Basel or proximity.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, looking forward for your thoughts